A product range based on Olive Oil (Olea Europaea Fruit Oil) used pure or in the surfactant form of Potassium Olivate which is the principal ingredient of Marseille Soap. Olive Oil, a fundamental element of the Italian tradition, has always been considered a medical remedy and a valuable active ingredient used to treat wounds and lacerations, as well as an emollient, softener and anti-inflammatory for skin issues. As stated on the label, every product in this range is characterized by other active natural biological elements, making it suitable for those requiring not only optimum cleansing but also gentle protection.


This product range was created in order to obtain cosmetics as similar as possible to natures’ products which were originally obtained from herbs, flowers and plants. The principal element chosen for the entire range is organic Aloe Vera and it is used in very high concentrations so that its healing and cosmetic properties can be maximized. Aloe Vera has been used for thousands of years and as well as having powerful anti-inflammatory and antiallergenic properties, it is characterized by its ability to moisturize, refresh, soothe and regenerate. This range is designed for those seeking intensive hydration with a soothing effect, in addition to optimum cleansing.


The amber color of the bottles and containers protects the precious product contained within and it is also used as a homage to its traditional use in ancient Herbal Pharmacies. This line of products is created with respect for tradition and it contains only the best pure natural raw ingredients. These products are highly effective and are suitable for those who need the action of the specific ingredients used, but also for those who simply wish to pamper and regenerate themselves.



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